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The Booming Canine Industry

Doggie daycare has taken the USA by storm. Now, it’s in big demand here, too.

Approximately 24% of all UK households now own a dog, that’s over 9 million dogs.The UK pet care industry is estimated to be worth £4.6 billion, with Dog care equating to over £1.6 Billion alone.

The UK dog care market has continued to grow even during the recent economic downturn. Consumers are spending more money than ever before on their dogs.

The key reasons for the industry sector booming are:

Humanisation – Dogs are increasingly being seen as members of the family, often enjoying the same treatment as their owners. Never have consumers been spending so much money on their dogs. We provide three complimentary services that cater for these needs, generating huge revenues.

Premiumisation – as knowledge and understanding of dogs is has become more prominent, and their needs and desires better understood. Owners are increasingly willing to spend more on their pet to ensure their needs are fully met from exercise, to grooming and to choosing the correct food. Our unique business model caters for all these needs, offering three complimentary services which lead to vast returns per client.

Increasing Obesity – just like across much of mainstream society, dog obesity and the associated health problems are on the increase. The importance of regular exercise and socialisation are recognised now by conscientious owners as of paramount importance to their dog’s wellbeing. Owners are now recognising it is important for their dogs to be active daily and with many working full time hours; this means doggie daycare.

Increased Focus on Food Ingredients – There have been a number of high profile food scares and with the increasing interest taken by owners on natural ingredients, provenance and meat content, the industry has moved to accommodate these consumer desires. The doggie boutique has the capacity to cater for all dog food requirements, with increased choice for consumers.

The Role of Technology – Technology has had a huge influence in making dog care guidance and advice readily accessible. Greater knowleage of this subject has lead to consumers making informed choices on what to buy for their dogs and their dog's needs. Aunties doggie daycare is able to cater for all things canine, supplying for this increased demand in dog daycare, grooming and food range. The dog care market is set to continue to boom...

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